Happy Juneteenth 2021

Red Drinks, Red Foods and Juneteenth

What do barbeque, red velvet cake, strawberries, hibiscus and watermelon have in common? Aside from their red colors and ingredients, these items are often seen on traditional Juneteenth Checkout this article for more details: http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/what-is-juneteenth

This year a celebration that has been happening for centuries became a holiday in both Virginia and the United States. While many people are just now finding out about it, others have traditions and stories that have been in their families for generations.

Our 2021 Juneteenth Red Drink: Hibiscus Infused Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey

In the weeks leading up to Juneteenth, there we’re several experiments that took place In our kitchen. A few were successful and a few we won’t even bother to mention! We’ve nailed down a simple syrup made with hibiscus tea along with a handful of spritzer recipes that will hit prime time next month.

But THE experiment was an infusion kit that we opted for Uncle Nearest whiskey instead of vodka. We swirled it daily for almost a week. Although we tried a few things, the winning combination was the beverage served at room temperature, in a glencairn glass with just a few drops of water. It was an amazing rich ruby red with notes of hibiscus, orange peels, licorice and cinnamon that didn’t overpower the rich, smooth and sultriness of the 1856 Uncle Nearest. Celebratory indeed and it would also do well during the fall holidays.

At VernaRosa, we combine our love of family and community through sharing food and drinks with history. We look forward to creating amazing experiences for Juneteenth in the years to come.

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