Yay! It’s Orange Wine Day🧡

Unless you’re looking for various wine holidays or just happen to be a fan of orange wine, you probably didn’t even know this “holiday” existed. If you missed it, don’t worry. We’ll be celebrating in Orange Wine 101 later this month.

Maybe somewhat surprisingly, orange wine has nothing to do with oranges and may not even actually be orange in color. It can, and is sometimes preferrably called, amber or ramato. It’s not a new trend but rather an ancient style of winemaking in places such as Greece and Romania.

Okay... so what is it exactly? It’s white grape juice that spends some time on its skin during the winemaking process. The longer there’s skin contact, the deeper the color of the wine becomes. This is somewhat atypical as white wines usually don’t have any skin contact after pressing. Skin contact also adds body to tannins to wine. When properly balanced, those characteristics along with some aging make for a delicious and sultry glass of happiness like Virginia‘s King Family Vineyards 2017 Small Batch Viognier pictured above.

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